Governing Board

AcadeMir Charter Schools, governed by the AcadeMir Charter Schools, Inc.
Board of Directors. AcadeMir Charter Schools, Inc. was founded by a diverse
group of Miami citizens in order to provide a school choice option for families and
students in Florida. Their vision was to provide an unparalleled academic school
experience. The Board is comprised of the members listed below. Each member
is a proud Florida based business owner and/or community member. The Board
is responsible for supervision of the operations of the school and to ensure the
school’s mission is carried out.

The Board of Directors

The AcadeMir Charter Schools, Inc. Board of Directors is comprised of the

– Mr. Alexander Casas, Board Chair
– Dr. Tirso Alonso, Vice Chair
– Mrs. Joanna Noriega, Treasurer
– Sonia Alfaro
– Ruben Perez
-Michael Rodriguez

Budgets and Financials

School Budget

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School Audit

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Conflict Resolution Procedure

We, at AcadeMir Charter School Preparatory, strive to maintain a
safe and positive learning environment and encourages all students,
staff, and family members to use positive choices for solving
conflict. We use the following steps of communication when there is
a concern.

Step 1: If there is a situation that needs a solution with your child, please
begin by first talking to your child’s teacher. You will be able to discuss
possible ways to resolve any concerns. If a solution has not been reached,
you should go the step 2.

Step 2: Parent may schedule an appointment with the school’s Assistant
Principal. Please present your concern. If a solution has not been reached
with the teacher and the Assistant Principal, please go to step 3.

Step 3: Please contact the office at (305) 964-7542 to set up a meeting
with the school’s Principal. Please present your concern. If an acceptable
solution has not reached, please continue to step 4.

Step 4: Contact the Educational Support Provider, Rolando Mir at (305)
225-0444. This information is posted on school website and in our bulletin
board located in school’s lobby. If an acceptable solution has not reached,
please continue to step 5.

Step 5: Parent may reach out to the Governing Board Member, Mr.
Rolando Mir at (305) 225-0444 or has the option of attending a board
meeting that is posted on school website and in our bulletin board located in
school’s lobby.


Education Service Provider


AcadeMir Charter School Preparatory service provider is Superior Charter School
Services, Inc.

Superior Charter School Services, has been in operation since 2008 and has
proven to be one of the most successful charter school service and support
organizations in the business. Superior Charter School Services Inc. manages
four AcadeMir Charter Schools in Miami Dade County: AcadeMir Charter School
West, AcadeMir Charter School Middle, AcadeMir Preparatory Academy, AcadeMir
Charter School Preparatory.

Thanks to their relationship with Superior Charter Schools, the schools have
become some of the highest performing schools within short periods of
operations. Superior offers services that allow charter schools to have the
freedom to focus on what matters most: educating children. Superior Charter
School Services equips charter schools by providing them with innovative
curriculum as well as services that give them full confidence that their back-office
needs are met. Superior believes that each charter school is a unique educational
entity governed by a Board of Directors that works in the best interests of
students and the school. Superior’s mission is to facilitate that Governing Board’s
vision and mission for school improvement, financial viability and school
excellence. Superior Charter Schools Services Inc. has a proven track-record in
developing and growing high performing charter schools.

Superior’s services include facilities, finance, staffing and human resource
coordination, bookkeeping, budgeting, regulatory compliance and financial
management and projections

For more information on AcadeMir schools please visit:

Academir Charter Schools are Managed by:

Superior Charter School Services.
Address: 14850 SW 26th St, Miami, FL 33185
Phone:(305) 225-0444

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